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Join a community that helps you... 
Trade Smarter.
Day and Swing Trading has transformed members lives
 only working a few hours a day

“Our passion is teaching traders how to find their trading niche in the market, finding what works best for them systematically and psychologically. “

 4 Easy Steps Paired Together Will Transform You Into 
a Routined, Prosperous, & Capitalized Trader With Our Trading Community
 Step 1: 
Study 32 hour trading courses. 
  •   Step-by-step education and daily / weekly curriculum.
  •  Introduction, Day, and Swing Trading Courses.
  •  How to trade stock shares + option contracts!

 Step 2 : 
Participate daily in the AMG Trading Floor.
    • Community working together 24 /7 between trading, trade recaps , member questions etc. 
    •  A community that works together and creates accountability.
    •   Direct guidance, with mentors answering questions daily.
     Step 3:
    Trading Floor Participation Checklist
    • Daily routine with participation checklist to increase learning opportunities.
    •  Includes AMG Trade Tracker & Reverse Engineer trades.
    •  Provided is the systematic approach to growing both your portfolio and knowledge in the stock market daily. 
    Step 4: 
    Professional Live Trading

    We provide our live trading chat room for our members to watch our professional AMG traders execute trading strategies in real time!
    With our live audio and screenshare we are able to develop our pre-market notes and watchlist, publish it to members to study and be prepared for the market open.

    Talk directly to professional traders making a living trading the market, when they are trading and developing new trade setups is a huge tool for your trading education.  

    Daily mentoring from watching AMG trade live, with screen share / audio to answer questions, explain market sentiment and explain pre and post trades. 

    Take A Sneak Peek 
    At The Content Inside  The AMG All Inclusive
    *$3,475 VALUE*
     Allow us to guide and help you grow and prosper into the consistent financially free trader you want to become. We are here for you with open arms, and look forward to your admission to our trading community!
    It is CRUCIAL for you to take advantage of our community; there is so much VALUE for such a low price. Don’t try to trade alone. Chances are, it will take you many years trading alone and many deep failures before you ever start finding consistency, (let alone diversification of different market sentiments, where most traders deeply get taken advantage of).

    •  What if I have questions or problems?
    You will have direct access in the chat room, direct messaging, and also can contact us at
    •  Refund Policy
    For our limited time offer we do not provide a refund, it is far to valuable. No Refunds are given. Absolutely No exceptions

    •  How long do I have access to the AMG Trader Kit & Chat Room?  
    Forever! We are offering a limited time HUGE discounted price!

    • How long is AMG Trader Kit?
     Plan to take 1-2 weeks to complete the course. There is a plan to upgrade for an additional 32 hours of trading lessons that would take 4-7 weeks to complete.
    Join a community that helps you...
    Trade Smarter.  
     ***Included In The AMG All Inclusive***
    Day Trading Chat Room $225 per month 
    Swing Trading Chat Room $145 per month 
    Introduction Trading Course $1,250
    Swing Trading Course  $975
    Day  Trading Course  1,250 
    Life Time Access To Your Trading Community 
    ***One-time payment***
    Prices Will Raise Next To $997.00 Soon!
    Who Is AMG Trading & What Are There Goals

    "And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him."
    -Colossians 3.17
    ......We Do.
    AMG trading is an educational platform with a community of stock market traders. We provide our members with the educational materials to become successful stock market traders or longer term investors. We day trade and swing trade, both stocks and option contracts. We have built an interactive program and community unlike anywhere else. Our mission is to teach you how to find your niche in the stock market. We are active day and swing traders that utilize the markets price action to profit in either direction, or market sentiment.
    ......We Are.
    We are a father and son team, who enjoy trading and working together. We believe in God and put him first in our lives, and We have a passion for sharing our knowledge with others because we know it can be life changing for many people. We value honesty and kindness and enjoy working with other people who share the same interests. We love to see others succeed, and our goal is to provide the information and the guidance one needs to create wealth and prosperity for their families for many years to come.
    ......Are We Here.
    We love to see others succeed and we feel extremely blessed that we can provide the potential for others to become successful at trading. We know individuals need to find their trading styles, and we work with them strategically, to develop their skills to gain the confidence needed to succeed as a retail trader. Our ultimate goal is to shape you into a profitable and independent trader, while providing you with the utmost value and support.
    ......We Can Help!
    We can help you in several ways. But our main goal is to provide you with the support and educational program to develop you as a professional, and diversified trader in all markets tones. We know there is no reason for you to fail on a consistent basis anymore, when you commit to working hard in our program and courses. We will work one on one with you to develop your trading style and teach you many strategies. We will provide you the tools, the educational materials, and a portal for success.
    AMG All Inclusive
    • Day Trading & Swing Trading.
    •  Live Trading Broadcast & Commentary.
    •  Both Stock & Option Trading.
    •  Tools And Education To Get You Started Trading  Today!
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    10% of your membership fee will go towards blessing a local church, or ministry. Our community is blessed by God and we will give the first 10% to him.