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AMG Trading And Investments is father and son operated, online, educational trading platform, that focuses on day and swing trading stocks and option contracts. 

Our mission is to help traders develop a trading plan that will allow them to create freedom by creating successful habits, routines, and rituals. In order to have the financial opportunity to serve others and live a life of fulfillment. 

Are you dedicated to developing your trading plan, and unlocking your trading potential? If so, begin with our training below. 

Do you know what it takes to develop your trading plan?
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Develop Your Trading Plan. Unlock Your Potential.
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  •  AMG Trade Tracker & Reverse Engineer Guide Booklet.   
  •   Pre Trade Preparation Checklist.   
  •  Trader Discovery Notebook.  
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10% of your membership fee will go towards blessing a local church, or ministry. Our community is blessed by God and we will give the first 10% to Him.